Large Amount of Marijuana, Illegal Firearms, Nearly $2K in Cash Recovered Following Drug Bust in Odenton

In December 2019 detectives received information regarding possible CDS distribution at a residence located in the 500 block of Edwards Drive in Odenton. As a result of the investigation, detectives obtained a search warrant for the residence which was executed on January 8, 2020. The following items were recovered from the residence.

  • 69.61 grams of Marijuana (est. value $1392.00)
  • 11 THC cartridges (est. value $275.00)
  • 2 digital scales
  • Paraphernalia/packaging materials
  • One Browning Arms semi-automatic handgun (.22 caliber)
  • One Davis Industries semi- automatic handgun (.32 caliber)
  • Several loose handgun rounds
  • Seized $1992.00 US Currency

The suspect, Lauren Kristen Harrell, was arrested and transported to Western District for processing.
Lauren Kristen Harrell
DOB: 9/18/89
500 block of Edwards Drive
Odenton, Maryland

  • CDS Poss W/Int To Dist
  • CDS: Poss Marijuana 10 Gm+
  • CDS: Possess-Not Marijuana
  • Firearm/Drug Traf Crime
  • CDS: Distr Etc. W/Firearm
  • Handgun on Person


  1. You got your escape goat you don't know nothing if you want to know who the real fishes do your f****** jobs and find out

  2. Handguns were grandfathered in in '13, and considering the P-32 stopped production in '98, I'm pretty goddamn sure that was grandfathered in.
    What exactly makes them "illegal"? I love how you listed them as 'semi-automatic', trying to dredge up some fear there, haha. Nice job. All handguns are semi-automatic. If it weren't, it would be a REVOLVER. Idiots.

    Excellent reporting, as per usual. Ya'll are the reason nobody believes the media anymore.

    Also, love the "$2,000 in cash", after all- only a CRIMINAL would have CASH in their home. Lmao. You should try renting space in your skulls, because they are -vacant-.


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