First Lady Melania Trump Visits Salvation Army in London; Donated Christmas Gifts, Spent Time with Children

The Event

The First Lady will visit The Salvation Army Clapton Center with Mrs. Suzanne Johnson, wife of the Ambassador of the United States of America to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Johnson will meet with local school students from the Baden Powell School to create holiday decorations, wreaths and ornaments. Along with the students and U.S. Marines stationed at the U.S. Embassy, Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Johnson will help in wrapping holiday presents for The Salvation Army's Christmas Present Appeal. To add to the festive theme, a Salvation Army brass band will be playing carols and the children will then perform a holiday song that they have chosen.


The First Lady will be greeted by the leaders of The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
The First Lady will also be greeted by two students from Baden Powell School who serve as school council representatives for Year 5. As school council representatives, it is their job to listen to the views of their class and bring them to school council meetings. They also meet and greet visitors to their school and organize special projects. Currently they are starting a project on emotional well-being for the children in the school.

Commissioners Anthony and Gillian Cottrell
Territorial Leaders for the Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
Majors Karl Gray and Ruth Gray
Salvation Army Clapton Captains
Major Sarah Evans
Salvation Army Divisional Officer for Leader Development
Isabelle Bates
Baden Powell Primary School 5th Grade Student, Age 10 
Deniz Atmali
Baden Powell Primary School 5th Grade Student, Age 10

Baden Powell School

Approximately 30 Fifth Grade Students from the nearby Baden Powell School will be visiting The Salvation Army Clapton Center to make holiday wreaths, ornaments and help wrap presents for The Salvation Army's Christmas Present Appeal.

The Salvation Army at Christmas

Thousands of families across the UK turn to The Salvation Army for help, especially at Christmas. Over 700 Salvation Army corps (church and community centers) in the UK help the most vulnerable people in their area through a network of food banks and practical support such as debt advice, clubs for the elderly and isolated and emergency shelter for those without a home.

The Salvation Army Present Appeal

One of the biggest Christmas projects that The Salvation Army runs is the annual Present Appeal. The public are asked to buy one extra children’s gift and provide it unwrapped to their local Salvation Army centre where volunteers will wrap it and carefully match it to a local family in need. Not only does this appeal ensure that thousands of children are able to open Christmas presents, but crucial connections are made to vulnerable families locally. The support the local corps can provide to that family can continue throughout the year.
To find out more about The Salvation Army Present Appeal please go to:

The Salvation Army in Clapton

Located in the heart of East London, where The Salvation Army was founded over 150 years ago, Clapton Salvation Army corps is a very busy church and community centre. The corps run numerous projects tailored for the needs of the diverse community they serve. Projects include supporting struggling families with food banks, toddler groups and after school care to tackling isolation in older people with coffee mornings and knitting circles. 
The Salvation Army in Clapton has been lead for the past 16 years by Majors Karl and Ruth Gray. As well are overseeing multiple community projects, Karl and Ruth coordinate The Salvation Army's emergency response across London providing food and support to the emergency services during large incidents.

The Salvation Army Band

Music is at the heart of the Salvation Army and at Christmas, their bands can be heard playing across the UK as part of their Christmas fundraising. The brass quintet playing at Clapton is formed of Salvation Army music professionals who perform many times a week. A number of the players are also accomplished composers.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and registered charity which has been transforming lives for more than 150 years. Working in 131 countries worldwide, The Salvation Army offers friendship, practical help and support for people at all levels of need. In the UK and Republic of Ireland this work includes more than 750 community churches and social centres.