AACPS: 56 Educators from Across the County are Now National Board Certified Teachers

Reaching the highest credential in teaching, 56 educators from across the  county are now National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). Thirty-two of this year’s achievers renewed their certifications while the other 24 teachers met the lofty standards for the first time. AACPS now boasts a total of 544 educators who have earned NBCT status, second among all Maryland school systems.

In a process that can take up to three years, Anne Arundel’s 2019-2020 class successfully completed rigorous assessments with the assistance of a professional development program offered by the school system. Approximately 80 current AACPS educators are seeking to earn NBCT status over the next two years.

“I will continue to admire and acknowledge the exceptional work of our teachers who show up every day to give their best to our students,” Superintendent George Arlotto said. “Our National Board Certified Teachers are a shining example of the type of dedication that can be found throughout our school system.”

The following AACPS educators achieved their initial National Board Certification status this year:

  • Nancy Anderson, Phoenix Academy
  • Jessica Angelo, Glen Burnie High School
  • Aundrea Atwood-Starkey, Southern High School
  • Carol Bak, Chesapeake High School
  • Jeannette Boyd, Tyler Heights Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Brady, Point Pleasant Elementary School
  • Tiffany Callaghan, Old Mill Middle School North
  • Caitlyn Connolly, Chesapeake Bay Middle School
  • Kaitlyn Cowden, Windsor Farm Elementary School
  • Stacie Errico, Glen Burnie High School
  • Jennifer Escamilla, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Amanda Gorski, Oak Hill Elementary School
  • Emily Grey, Annapolis High School
  • Jaclyn Klaiss, Piney Orchard Elementary School
  • Stacey Komsa, AACPS International Baccalaureate Programme Office
  • Bernadette Kraft, Severna Park High School
  • Caitlin Louer, Severna Park High School
  • Brandi Millhausen, AACPS Social Studies Office
  • Mallory Neidhardt, Brooklyn Park Middle School
  • Michelle Power, Crofton Elementary School
  • Kathryn Rudkin, Annapolis High School
  • Jennifer Saunders, AACPS English Language Acquisition Office
  • Wendy Senft, Magothy River Middle School
  • Deanna Walls, Brock Bridge Elementary School

The following AACPS educators renewed their National Board Certification status this year:

  • Doris Anderson-Page, Southgate Elementary School
  • Lori-Ann Balzano, Davidsonville Elementary School
  • Samaira Basit, Meade High School
  • Alyse Bonacci, Georgetown East Elementary School
  • Eve Case, AACPS Social Studies Office
  • Keith Cook, Severn River Middle School
  • Hanne Denney, Magothy River Middle School
  • Lindsey Ells, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Julie French, AACPS World & Classical Languages Office
  • Lynette Gibson, Central Elementary School
  • Cheryl Gormus, Southgate Elementary School
  • Lisa Haste, Hilltop Elementary School
  • Charlita Kennedy, Four Seasons Elementary School
  • Marlene Kramer, Southern High School
  • Jessica Lane, Mills-Parole Elementary School
  • Stephen Levy, Broadneck High School
  • Lauren Long, Four Seasons Elementary School
  • Whitney McCann, George Cromwell Elementary School
  • Sharon Misek, Glendale Elementary School
  • Ellen Norris, Millersville Elementary School
  • Lauren Rakvic, Eastport Elementary School
  • Victoria Romanoski, Glen Burnie High School
  • Jannel Schettini Luoma, Chesapeake High School
  • Matthew Schrader, South River High School
  • Marveen Sharps, Tyler Heights Elementary School
  • Robin Smith, Maryland City Elementary School
  • Gail Snyder, South River High School
  • Stacey Swingle, Oakwood Elementary School
  • Stacy Taylor, Tracey’s Elementary School
  • Audra Whayland, Southern High School
  • Joseph Wieczorek, AACPS Magnet Office
  • Ashley Yuscavage, Arundel High School

This year’s class will be honored at a special recognition ceremony at 4:30 p.m. on January 23, 2020, at Annapolis High School.


Top 30 Districts by Number Total NBCTs                     AACPS is #21

State Ranking by Total NBCTs                                        Maryland is #12

State Ranking by New NBCTs                                         Maryland is #11

State Ranking by Renewed NBCTs                                Maryland is #6

State Ranking by % of NBCTs                                         Maryland is #13