Montgomery County Man Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer

Officers from the Montgomery County Police Department have arrested Kareem Hart, age 24, of District Heights, Maryland, and have charged him with crimes to include impersonating a police officer, extortion, and false imprisonment.

On December 28 at approximately 6:03 p.m., officers were called to the White Oak Shopping Center located in the 11200 block of New Hampshire Avenue for the report of a suspicious situation.

Officers met with the 20-year-old male victim, who told officers that he had been driving his vehicle through the shopping center’s parking lot near the Sears when he mistakenly turned the wrong way on a one-way lane. At that time, a white Nissan Versa with Allied Security markings drove behind his vehicle.  The driver of the Nissan activated the vehicle’s roof top light bar which emitted a yellow flashing light.

The victim stopped his vehicle and was approached by the Nissan’s driver, an Allied Security guard, in a security uniform, who was later identified as Kareem Hart.  Hart told the victim that he would write him a $250 ticket for turning onto the one-way lane but if he sent him $50 via an electronic payment app, then he would not write him a ticket.  The victim sent the money to Hart via the app.  The victim then left the immediate area and called police.

At approximately 7:50 that night, officers located the Nissan Versa in the White Oak Shopping Center parking lot and identified the driver of the vehicle as Hart.  The victim identified Hart as the suspect who had impersonated an officer and conducted a traffic stop of his vehicle earlier that evening.

Hart was arrested and was transported to the Central Processing Unit.  He has been released on bond.

Officers are concerned that there may be additional victims of Hart’s police impersonation. Anyone who has come into contact with Hart while he has been representing himself as a law enforcement officer is asked to call investigators at: 240-773-6893.