White House Files Petition With SCOTUS; Asks Highest Court to Intervene in Fight to Release President's Tax Returns

Lawyers representing President Donald Trump filed a petition on his behalf, seeking intervention from the nation's highest court in a fight, led by incumbent District Attorney of New York County, New York, Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr., for the release of the President's tax returns.

According to the petition, a state grand jury subpoena for the President’s personal records must, at a minimum, satisfy a heightened standard of need.

"The District Attorney has not established that he has satisfied the applicable constitutional standard," the petition reads.  "The court of appeals’ reasons for rejecting a heightened standard are flawed, and its decision warrants this Court’s review."

Last week, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the enforcement of the House Oversight Committee's subpoena for President Trump’s tax returns.

Chief Justice John Roberts issued the order, calling for a 10-day stay on a ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that allowed for the House Oversight Committee to obtain the information from accounting firm Mazars USA. Roberts put the ruling on hold after Trump filed an application with the high court.

To review the petition in its entirety, click the link below: