Caring Cupboard Has Resounding Impact On County's Food Insecure Children

 According to recent data, about 13% of the children in Maryland who are burdened with daily food shortages in their homes reside in Anne Arundel County.  But, with the help of Pasadena based non-profit Caring Cupboard, the army of champions which fights for hungry children and families has grown. 

In July 2018, Chuck Yocum took a small step to combat a big problem. Motivated by a program example in his hometown of West Virginia, Mr. Yocum founded Caring Cupboard LLC. 

Caring Cupboard was conceived with a clear purpose in mind, eliminating food insecurity for children and their families.  In an interview with Report Annapolis, Yocum shared that Caring Cupboard is unique in that it is committed to feeding the family as a unit.  "We believe if one kid is hungry, the entire family may be hungry," he said. "Everyone needs help at some point in life, we are all in this together." 

For the past 30 years, the impact that Chuck Yocum has had on children and families across Anne Arundel County is immeasurable. With a colorful background in education, coaching, mentoring and other areas, Mr. Yocum gained first hand knowledge of the various levels of need across Maryland's third wealthiest county.  "Maybe it’s food, maybe money, maybe just a shoulder to lean on," he said.  " It’s our responsibility to be there for each other."

The future is bright for Caring Cupboard! In just over a year, the organization has already helped to put food on hundreds of tables across the county. Chuck says the organization has plans to relocate to a larger facility in order to better accommodate the growing demand for their work in the community. "The more known we are, the greater the need to serve," he said before mentioning his desire to include a mobile food bank as an opportunity to assist food insecure families without transportation.  

For more information about Caring Cupboard or to make a donation, log on to their website: