Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Criminal Docket- Monday, October 7

The following list of names and cases were randomly selected from the criminal docket that is published and posted on the circuit court's website daily.  The information posted here should only be used for informational purposes only and in no way should be considered as the actual-full docket. Any errors are unintended and Report Annapolis and/or The T. Christopher-Boston Media Group will not accept any fault or liability from anyone who is somehow harmed due to the misuse and/or misunderstanding of this information.  Neither Report Annapolis nor The T. Christopher-Boston Media Group will accept any questions, provide any advice and/or offer any further information regarding the cases that have been randomly selected and published here.  Anyone with questions/concerns are encouraged to contact the Circuit Court directly: (410) 222-1397, or the Public Defenders Office: (410) 295-8800.

The following cases are scheduled for initial appearances in courtroom 3D at 9AM on Monday, October 7, 2019:

JASON COLE RIPPLE---Attempted First Degree Murder ---02-K-13-001715






What is an initial appearance? The initial appearance of the defendant in circuit court occurs when the defendant (1) is brought before the court by reason of execution of a warrant pursuant to Rule 4-212(e) or (f)(2), or (2) appears in person or by written notice of counsel in response to a summons. In either case, if the defendant appears without counsel the court shall proceed in accordance with Rule 4-215. If the appearance is by reason of execution of a warrant, the court shall (1) inform the defendant of each offense with which the defendant is charged, (2) ensure that the defendant has a copy of the charging document, and (3) determine eligibility for pretrial release pursuant to Rules 4-216 and 4-216.1.

The following cases are scheduled for violation of probation hearings in courtroom 4B at 9AM on October 7, 2019:


JAMES AQUIB MALIK JOHNS -- C-02-CR-17-001686 ---C-02-CR-17-001686

The following cases are scheduled for violation of probation hearings in courtroom 2C at 1:30PM on  October 7, 2019:


What is a violation of probation hearing? Proceedings for revocation of probation shall be initiated by an order directing the issuance of a summons or warrant. The order may be issued by the court on its own initiative or on a verified petition of the State's Attorney or the Division of Parole and Probation. The petition, or order if issued on the court's initiative, shall state each condition of probation that the defendant is charged with having violated and the nature of the violation. The court shall hold a hearing to determine whether a violation has occurred and, if so, whether the probation should be revoked. The hearing shall be scheduled so as to afford the defendant a reasonable opportunity to prepare a defense to the charges. Whenever practicable, the hearing shall be held before the sentencing judge or, if the sentence was imposed by a Review Panel pursuant to Rule 4-344, before one of the judges who was on the panel. With the consent of the parties and the sentencing judge, the hearing may be held before any other judge. The provisions of Rule 4-242 do not apply to an admission of violation of conditions of probation.  The court may conduct the revocation hearing in an informal manner and, in the interest of justice, may decline to require strict application of the rules in Title 5, except those relating to the competency of witnesses. The defendant shall be given the opportunity to admit or deny the alleged violations, to testify, to present witnesses, and to cross-examine the witnesses testifying against the defendant. If the defendant is found to be in violation of any condition of probation, the court shall (A) specify the condition violated and (B) afford the defendant the opportunity, personally and through counsel, to make a statement and to present information in mitigation of punishment.