Edgewater Elementary Student Tests Positive for COVID-19 One Day After Schools Reopen For Hybrid Learning

One day after county schools reopened buildings for hybrid learning, a student at Edgewater Elementary School tested positive for the coronavirus.  

According to the letter published on Tuesday, school leaders investigated the movement of the student throughout the day and have identified those determined to be close contacts of the student. "Those who have been identified as close contacts have been notified and will need to quarantine for 14 days," the letter says.  "Those who were potentially exposed to the student but not identified as close contacts have also been notified. They will not need to quarantine and, absent any symptoms or other illnesses, may continue to be in our school building."

The age and grade of the student was not revealed.  It is unclear how many students were impacted and will need to quarantine. 

School Principal Kellie Schell-Ramey writes in the letter that there is no need to move any of the classes to a virtual-only setting at this time. "Our Operations team has undertaken the appropriate cleaning measures and our school is continuing to operate on a normal schedule."

All families are encouraged to review the school system’s safety protocols at www.aacps.org/safetyprotocols. Additional information on health and safety recommendations
regarding COVID-19 can be found on the Anne Arundel County Department of Health website: www.aahealth.org.

Any parent who wishes to have their child tested should visit www.aahealth.org/covid19-testing for more information.