City of Annapolis Prepares For Unusually High Tides, Strong Winds

 The City of Annapolis is bracing for strong winds, rainy conditions and unusually high tides. 

Flooding conditions are expected in low-lying areas and officials will open a sandbag operation on Dock Street beginning at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning, Oct. 28. This operation is for Annapolis residents and businesses only. Residents and business owners will be asked to show identification. Bags and shovels will be available for this self-service operation. Please note that there may be limits on the number of bags available based on demand. 

The forecast calls for the following high tides between Friday Oct. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 31: 

Friday: high tide at noon of 3.3 feet

Friday/Saturday: high tide around midnight of 4 feet

Saturday: high tide around 1 p.m. of 3 to 4 feet

Saturday/Sunday: high tide around 1 a.m. of 3 feet

Compromise Street usually closes when floodwaters reach 3.1 feet. The pumps along Dock Street begin to be overwhelmed at the same level. Flooding in Downtown Annapolis will likely disrupt traffic starting Friday afternoon through Sunday morning.


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