Area Schools Make Services Available for Children Who May Have Witnessed Woman Hanging From Tree in Annapolis

Services have been made available for children in the Annapolis area who possibly witnessed a deceased woman hanging from a tree while on their way to school on the morning of Wednesday, November 3, 2021. 

Staff at Mills-Parole Elementary, Annapolis Middle and Annapolis High were made aware of the incident so they could involve their school counselors and other student support personnel as needed. Appropriate services have been made available to the students who appeared to have been impacted.  

Families were notified of the situation in a letter circulated by Mills-Parole Elementary and Annapolis Middle.  

"This morning while walking to the bus stop, some students may have witnessed a tragic scene involving the death of an adult individual. The Annapolis Police Department is investigating the situation, but we don’t have many details beyond that," the letter states.  "As the school day began, we tried to touch base with students who were likely impacted by this situation. While no students have come to us about this tragedy, I wanted you to have this information. While this is a matter outside of school, this situation affects our school community. "

The 72 year old woman was found when units responded to the area of Belle Drive at approximately 7:30am that morning. The preliminary investigation reveals the incident does not appear to be criminal in nature, authorities said.

According to a social media post made by Civil Rights Icon Carl Snowden,  the unidentified female was African American. 

The identity of the woman has yet to be disclosed.