City of Annapolis Selects Social Work Care Coordinator: Erin Lee

The City of Annapolis has selected an experienced social work professional to assist residents with and connect them to resources and services. Erin Lee , LMSW, started in November and reports directly to the Assistant City Manager. 

The program that Lee will lead will begin as a grant-funded position using CARES Act funding. After Dec. 30, the position will be salaried through the City of Annapolis. Lee will work out of an office in the Stanton Center. She will work closely with county and state agencies as well as City departments, including finding connections to residents through the Office of Emergency Management and other referrals. Some of the resource areas will include: food insecurity, education, health care, financial issues, mental health and transportation. 

One of the issues Lee has already observed is that services are often delivered far afield for Annapolis residents. For example, leaving City limits to receive educational support or childhood development services requires people to travel 20 or 30 minutes in each direction. Bringing services into the home or connecting individuals with transportation, where possible, can give people necessary access. 

“I’m most interested in helping families who might not know what resources are out there and creating a framework to fill a gap in services,” Lee said. She added, “one of my greatest joys is to see people doing well and thriving.” 

Prior to her work in the City of Annapolis, Lee worked in therapeutic foster care in Baltimore City, with special needs children and their families in Howard and Anne Arundel counties, and as a service coordinator for seniors in Washington DC. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Morgan State University and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland - Baltimore. She is a licensed social worker in the state of Maryland. She will earn $50,000 per year.