Annapolis Police Investigates Shooting on Madison Street in Eastport

Annapolis Police officers are on the scene of a reported shooting on Madison Street in Eastport. 

Shortly before 6pm this evening, units were dispatched to the 1100 block of Madison Street.  Upon arrival, at least one person was located with an injury consistent with being shot.  Transport assistance was requested from the Medevac-State Police Helicopter. 

This story is developing. Details will be shared as more information is received. 


  1. Put a fence around Madison st section 8 housing and let them annihilate one another.

    1. Wtf is ya problem I'm from annapolis and my whole family is from there I think ppls with this mind set is the ones hurting our community we want the killing to stop yes we do but how can we get the community together to make it happen with ppls like ya I hate say shit like that instead of saying let's pray for the annapolis community that things will get better and not encourage more killing its sad cause I grew up as a mix child in the community and not 1 time race was an issue but now the more shit happen down in annapolis it's white forks like this that just want to wipe all blacks That ain't white it's said how this whole damn world is remember jackass black live matter as all live matter


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