County Schools Continue Their Fight Against Food Insecurity, Adds Dinners, Snacks to Meal Packages

In a continuing effort to ensure that children receive healthy and nutritious meals, Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ Division of Food and Nutrition Services will add dinners and snacks to meal packages and increasing the number of meal distribution sites to 126 beginning October 1, 2020.

ited States Department of Agriculture that allows school systems to provide the meals and seek reimbursement for the cost. A similar waiver had been in place last spring but expired when the school year ended.

“This is something we have been lobbying for since the spring, and our team is anxious and ready to resume serving dinners to children as we did last year,” Superintendent George Arlotto said. “We have served more than 2 million meals since March, and it is gratifying to know that in this time of great uncertainty, our team continues to work tirelessly to help ensure that children have sufficient food to fuel their bodies for learning.”

In addition to the 119 existing sites, AACPS will add the following schools as meal distribution sites beginning October 1: Bodkin Elementary, Central Elementary, Hilltop Elementary, Manor View Elementary, Pershing Hill Elementary, Richard Henry Elementary, and the West Meade Early Education Center.

Meals are available free for children ages 2 to 18 and are distributed on each day that school is in session. Meals are not served on days when schools are closed.

Children and families can go to any meal site – not necessarily their own school site – to receive meals. Families can pick up meals without their children present, but must register their name, the names and ages of their children for whom they will pick up meals, and the meal site location by calling 410-222-5900. Parent and guardians can only request to pick up meals for their children.

A complete list of meal sites and service times as well as menus can be found at