Comcast and City of Annapolis Partner to Offer Free Internet to Low-Income Comunities

The City of Annapolis is partnering with Comcast to support an internet connectivity program for low-income communities. Called the Internet Essential Partner Program (IEPP), the program will use CARES Act funding. 

“We look at the ways residents are suffering through this pandemic and we are constantly working to find solutions,” said Mayor Gavin Buckley. “One way is to seek out good partners. In this case, we worked with Comcast, the Housing Authority, schools, and Anne Arundel County, among others. I am very pleased to bring this to City residents. It is needed.”

Beneficiaries of the program will include everyone from students who need internet access for school programs to seniors who need access to telemedicine appointments.  The initial round of funding will cover 800 eligible families in the City. 

“This initiative is a huge step forward for residents of the City and I am particularly thrilled that it will help children in the City with their classwork,” Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. George Arlotto said. “Helping families bridge the digital divide is a responsibility that belongs to all of us, and the City and Comcast have stepped up to the plate with this program.”

"For nearly a decade, Comcast has been dedicated to bridging the digital divide across the nation with our Internet Essentials program – which to date has connected millions of low-income families to the internet,” said Misty Allen, vice president of government and regulatory affairs for Comcast’s Beltway Region. “A problem as vast and complex as this requires all of us to work together to ensure students get connected and stay engaged with distance learning throughout the academic year and we’re proud to partner with the City of Annapolis and Mayor Buckley to connected hundreds more families to the internet.”

Sponsored families eligible to receive the IEPP internet access must live within City of Annapolis city limits, and within one of two ZIP Code areas: 21401 or 21403.

“The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis is proud to partner with the City of Annapolis and Comcast to address the serious need for internet and Wi-Fi services for our communities,” said Melissa Maddox Evans of HACA. “We are glad that the City is making every effort to prioritize funding so that families and especially children are not left behind with the introduction of virtual learning platforms.  It is also encouraging to see private businesses like Comcast embrace their role as good corporate citizens in support of our local communities.”

Families interested in participating in the program should contact their rental office or management company for information.