5 Annapolis Area Businesses Cited For Non-Compliance During Underage Drinking Sting

Five area businesses have been cited for non-compliance during an underage drinking sting in Annapolis, officials said today. 

On September 17th Annapolis Police Department conducted an Alcohol compliance operation on businesses that hold alcohol licenses. Sixteen businesses were checked and a total of five were found to be in non compliance.  The non compliant establishments were issued a Alcohol Beverage Control Infraction Citation.   

The following businesses failed the compliance check:
1- Eastport Liquors -1007 Bay Ridge Ave.  
2- Blackwall Hitch- 400 Sixth St. 
3- Lighthouse Wine and Spirits- 2020 B West. St
4- Sin Fronteras Cafe- 2129 Forest Dr. 
5- Tequila Sunrise- 1975 West St. 
 The following businesses passed the compliance check:
1- Adams Rib East-  921 C Chesapeake Ave.     
2- Annapolis Smokehouse- 107 Hillsmere Dr. 
3- Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits-111 Hillsmere Dr.
4- Davis' Pub- 400 Chester Ave.   
5- Eastport Kitchen- 923 Chesapeake Ave.  
6- Grump's Cafe- 117 Hillsmere Dr.    
7- New Matsu Sush-i 509 S. Cherry Grove    
8- Parole Liquors- 2125 Forest Dr.    
9-  Scott Brothers- 936 Bay Ridge Rd.  
10- Soul- 509 S. Cherry Grove Ave.
11- Walgreens- 609 Taylor Ave.

The establishments were advised of complaints we were receiving in reference to underage drinking and were advised that future compliance checks would be occurring and that they need to be vigilant in their efforts to prevent underage consumption. This operation was funded through a grant from Anne Arundel, County focusing on preventing or reducing underage drinking, youth binge drinking and/or alcohol related crashes.