Report Annapolis News Endorses Six City Council Candidates Ahead of September 21 Primary

Report Annapolis News is endorsing the following six candidates for the Annapolis City Council:

Ward 2 Scott Gibson (bottom left picture)

Ward 3 Rhonda Pindell-Charles (top left picture)

Ward 4 Sheila Finlayson (top right picture)

Ward 5 Monica Manthey (top middle picture) 

Ward 6 George Gallagher (bottom middle picture)

Ward 8 Rock Toews (bottom right picture)

Biographies and other important information about these candidates can be found online: 

According to the City of Annapolis’ Board of Supervisors of Elections, only voters in Wards 3, 4 and 8 received ballots for the upcoming primary election. All other races are uncontested, and per City Code, uncontested primary candidates automatically move on to the general election.

There are three Democratic contested primary elections for City Council seats:

In Ward 3, Rhonda Pindell Charles, the incumbent Democrat, will face KeanuĂș Smith-Brown (D);

In Ward 4, Sheila M. Finlayson, the incumbent Democrat, will face Toni Strong Pratt (D); and 

In Ward 8, Ross H. Arnett, III, the incumbent Democrat, will face Kathleen (Kati) George (D).

Voters may return their ballots via U.S. Mail (no postage necessary), or drop them inside a drop box at one of eight polling places. 
Voters may also vote in-person at their ward polling place on the day of the primary election, September 21, 2021, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Polling locations are as follows: 

Ward 3 is at Mt. Olive Community Life Center, 2 Hicks Ave.;

Ward 4 is at American Legion Post #141, 1707 Forest Drive; and 

Ward 8 is at Eastport Volunteer Fire Hall, 914 Bay Ridge Avenue. 

The final slate of candidates who will go directly to the November general election ballot will include: