Annapolis Woman Released on Her Own Recognizance, Awaits Trial Following Ambulance Heist

An Annapolis woman was released on her own recognizance, and now awaits trial following an alleged ambulance theft and subsequent accident which left one person seriously injured.  

On June 13, 2020, at approximately 12:14pm, officers responded to the intersection of Forest Drive and Bywater Road in Annapolis for an accident involving a stolen Anne Arundel County Fire Department ambulance.  According to court documents obtained by Report Annapolis,  Brandy Lynn Taylor, 23, of Newtowne Drive, Annapolis, was observed fleeing the accident on foot toward a nearby grocery store after exiting the driver side of the ambulance. Police say Taylor then proceeded to "unlawfully take control" of a taxi cab from the driver who sat parked at the grocery store.  The driver of the taxi cab was able to identify her from a previous encounter.   

The other driver involved in the accident was airlifted to an area trauma hospital with serious, but not life threatening injuries.  

 An investigation revealed that the ambulance had been taken from the West Annapolis Fire Station on Jennifer Road. Taylor was arrested and charged with six criminal offenses, including two counts of motor vehicle-unlawful taking.  A district court commisioner released Taylor on her own recognizance pending an October 2 trial date.  


  1. This is crazy she will get off.

  2. That just shows how inefficient our system is. What kind of example does this set for others? It says nothing more than “do whatever you want to whomever you want regardless of right or wrong” The commissioner should be relieved of duty!

  3. If you were smart you would know they let her out because of the virus jails are over populated!!! I know this girl very well! And I don’t think she was in the right mind and should seek medical attention!!!! Jail isn’t going to help she has been there before!!!! Don’t speak on wtf you don’t know she is mentally out of her mind right now the fact that the cops couldn’t see that is crazy to me!!!

  4. What????? Remember the police are the enemy and should be done away with!!! Then we will have the wild wild west! Ridiculous and a JOKE!! I SUPPORT THE POLICE! Most are stand up officers and the bad apples should be weeded out.

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