Hanover Man Sentenced After Knife-Wielding Fight with Sheriffs While Being Served Arrest Warrant

A Hanover man has been sentenced in connection with a knife-wielding fight with a team of sheriffs who were attempting to serve him with an arrest warrant.  

Shane Sebastian Peart, 33, of Hanover was sentenced to 13 years suspend all but eight years of active incarceration in prison, for two counts of second degree assault, two counts for wearing or carrying a dangerous weapon with the intent to injure two Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s officers, Corporal Saadia Feliciano and Sergeant Matthew Beall, and one count of resisting arrest. 

An Anne Arundel County jury found the defendant guilty after a three-day trial on November 22, 2021.

On April 28, 2021 at 7:11 p.m., Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 1611 Durham Court in Hanover to serve an arrest warrant on Peart for Second Degree Assault. 

Family members advised that Peart was in a second floor bedroom. A family member, concerned for Peart's wellbeing was able to open the door for the deputies. Peart began screaming at the deputies and the family members. Deputies attempted to calm Peart, but he remain agitated and was able to shut the bedroom door. 

Deputies re-opened the door as Peart continued screaming as the deputies tried to calm him and deescalate the situation. While doing this, Mr. Pearl picked up a sheathed knife, moved toward the deputies while removing the knife from the sheath. Peart refused to obey verbal commands to stop. At that time Sergeant Matthew Beall, a seven-veteran, deployed a Taser striking Peart. This stopped the advance and allowed another deputy to disarm Peart and take him into custody. 

Peart was transported to a local hospital for treatment due to the Taser exposure.  No other injuries were reported and none of the deputies were injured.