Mayor Buckley, City of Annapolis Announces Toni Strong-Pratt as Newly Hired Community Outreach Support Navigator

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley and City officials today announced Ms. Toni Strong-Pratt as the City's Newly Hired Community Outreach Support Navigator. 

Ms. Strong-Pratt, a longtime community leader, will work about 30 hours a week at a pay rate of $25 per hour connecting residents directly to resources and service providers. 

“Annapolis is seeing the continuing effects of substance use and trauma and we need to find a way to stop the cycle of addiction and violence. We need a concerted effort, a focused effort,” said Mayor Gavin Buckley. “This program further acknowledges the City’s need to address these issues directly and to connect people to the help they need.” 

 The outreach services will involve contacting individuals in locations where there is a high risk for overdoses or with a high prevalence of violence. Once these connections are established, the navigator will work with individuals to address barriers to obtaining services, including housing, treatment, health care or other human service needs. Finally, the navigator will coordinate transportation and continue with advocacy and supports. 

Strong-Pratt is the co-founder of D.E.S.I.R.E. Addiction Ministry, founder of People Builders Consulting and former Co chair of (ACT) Anne Arundel Connecting Together,the former president of Bay Ridge Gardens Resident Council, the former president of the parent Board of Head Start Annapolis Garden, President of Homes at the Glen Resident Council and a member of First Christian Community Church of Annapolis. She has worked with Chrysalis House and assisted local fire and police departments as well as Anne Arundel Medical Center. 

“I will fight tirelessly to bring about positive change, not for a particular group but for all people,” Strong-Pratt said. “My faith is my foundation and advocating for those needing a voice is my passion.”

Strong-Pratt will receive training, attend staff meetings, coalition meetings, community meetings and engage with local agencies. At the end of each week, the Mayor will receive a written progress report to ensure that objectives and goals are being met. She will begin the week of August 10, 2020. 


  1. Congratulations to my great friend there is no one else better for the job Salute

  2. Congratulations. The hard work always pays off with greater benefits than one can imagine.


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