Two Year Old's Nose Left Bloody, Face Bruised From Abuse by Teacher Assistant at Child Care Center in Millersville

A two year old boy was left with a bruised face and a bloody nose after allegedly being abused by a teacher assistant on his first day at a Millersville child care facility. 

According to charging documents obtained by Report Annapolis News, police were called to the privately owned and operated Kiddie Academy franchise on December 7, 2022, regarding the incident which reportedly took place the day prior.  Shannon Michelle Smith, 33, of Millersville, was the caretaker assigned to work with the child on December 6, the documents indicate.  

Surveillance footage reviewed by investigators reportedly showed Smith grabbing the child's left hand, causing him to fall to the ground. "The suspect then drags the victim by his arm over to a sleeping cot within the classroom and forcefully drop him onto the cot. The footage, which also has sound, shows the victim screaming throughout the incident, while the suspect picks the victim up and slams him onto the cot several times," a police detective wrote. "The victim repeatedly tries to get away from the suspect and is forcefully placed back onto the cot by the suspect."

The charging documents say the defendant could be seen and heard slapping the toddler on his back and yelling at him.  The incident concluded when another staff person entered the classroom before the suspect left. An investigator wrote that an examination of the child's injuries showed bruising to his cheek and forehead.  Further investigation revealed that the child "was suffering from a bloody nose after the incident as well."

Shannon Smith, who is no longer employed by Kiddie Academy of Millersville, was arrested on December 13 and charged with second degree child abuse and assault. She was released on home detention-ankle monitoring the same day, court records show.

It is unclear how long Smith had been with the company and exactly when was her last day. Kiddie Academy Domestic Franchising declined a request for an interview, but released the following statement:

"All of us within the Kiddie Academy community are concerned and upset regarding the reported injuries to a child that occurred at the Kiddie Academy of Millersville, MD on December 6th.  We are aware of the serious allegations against a former assistant teacher at the Academy. The allegations are disheartening and go against everything we believe in as a company.   

As an organization, there is nothing more important than creating environments where a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development flourishes. We remain committed to ensuring all franchisees maintain our world-class standards, including keeping children safe while they are in the care of our franchised locations.   

We remain committed to working with the franchise owners to ensure full cooperation with local authorities."

***Any suspects/arrested/charged individuals and persons of interest named in the articles are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.***


  1. I was not able to read the entire article due to the fact that this was so disturbing.
    My God! This is unacceptable and I hope she is punished for what she did to this little child. I am outraged.

  2. I’m feeling hurt for the child and his parents. She should be happy it wasn’t any member of my family. I would have beaten the FAT off her butt then left her with the same injuries she gave the little boy but worse😡😡😡😡😡


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