Wes Adams: I am the candidate with a proven track record of success, compassion and accountability

My name is Wes Adams and I am running for Circuit Court Judge because of my unwavering commitment to serve the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

As your State’s Attorney, I built a record of success in reducing crime, rehabilitating people and empowering youth to make better choices – a proven set of values that you can trust will guide my decisions as judge. In fact, I am the only candidate who brings criminal, civil, administrative, community engagement, legislative and policy making experience to this election. 

Circuit Court Judges preside over the criminal, civil and family law trials in our County – and I have a proven and unmatched record as a trial lawyer, with over 20 years of criminal, civil and administrative law experience. Over the course of my career, I have been recognized as a top homicide prosecutor in the State and a champion of victim’s rights.  My legal arguments have stood the test in our highest courts and I have taught lawyers and judges locally and nationally on trial tactics and strategy, rules of evidence and witness preparation and I have worked with the legislature drafting and developing new, effective criminal laws and rules of evidence.  That is the experience that I will rely upon to ensure that trials in our Court are conducted fairly and efficiently.

Moreover, I have demonstrated my commitment to the philosophies of accountability, rehabilitation and prevention while serving this community as State’s Attorney by building programs to ferret out drug dealers and violent criminals, creating alternative-to-incarceration partnerships like Safe Stations and Veterans Court which helped lower crime and rebuild people and educating students throughout the County to keep them out of the criminal justice system.  

You know my name and my face because you have seen me at a Not My Child presentation or have shaken my hand at a community event.  Perhaps your son or daughter came home from school and told you about the assembly where I discussed internet predators or drug addiction.  Many know me from my volunteer baseball or football coaching at one of our local parks.  All of you have seen me fight to protect this County every day.

Like many things, who your local judges are, does not always matter that much…until it does – until you are involved in a lawsuit or you are a victim of a crime.  When that day comes, and I hope it never does, you want the person who decides the outcome of your case to be fair, independent, knowledgeable in the law, diverse in experience and familiar with the community.  I am that person.

The Maryland Constitution guarantees the citizens of every County the right to choose their judges.  I offer the citizens of Anne Arundel County a choice in this election cycle to elect a judge with an unmatched commitment to Anne Arundel County; a judge who has demonstrated the equal application of the law to all citizens; and a judge who is an independent voice, free from outside political influence, that reflects the values of the Anne Arundel Community.

For the past 22 years, I have served communities throughout Maryland fairly, honestly and with distinction as a prosecutor and county attorney.  Anne Arundel County, however, is where, twenty years ago, my wife and I chose to build a home and raise our family.  Six years ago, I made a promise to you, my friends and neighbors, that I would work to protect it and keep it safe.  I am running to honor that promise.

When you get your ballot in the mail this month, I am asking for you to vote for the person you know and trust, the person who knows and has served this community, the person with a proven track record of success, compassion and accountability.  I am asking you to vote for me – Wes Adams – to be a Judge in our Circuit Court.

Thank you,