Pam Alban: I have the judicial experience that will help guide the courts and citizens through this difficult and unprecedented time

My name is Pamela Alban.  I am one of your current Circuit Court Judges for Anne Arundel County.  I was appointed in September of 2018 by Governor Hogan.  My path to becoming a judge started in the summer of 1993.  After my first year at Georgetown law school, I came to Annapolis to volunteer at the State’s Attorneys Office.   During that summer, I fell in love with both Annapolis and prosecution.  Upon graduation, I joined the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorneys Office full-time and did not leave until I was appointed to the bench.   I was a prosecutor for over 22 years in this county.  

I chose this path with my law degree because my parents instilled in me a desire to make the world a better place.  Throughout my career as a prosecutor, I handled cases of all kinds, including numerous homicides.  My specialty, though, was prosecuting child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence cases.  I was privileged to give a voice to the most vulnerable of victims and hold the most dangerous of predators in our county accountable.  Not only did I improve the lives of victims on a case by case basis, but also on a systemic level.  I served on various committees to improve responses to victims and their needs.  
On a personal note, my husband has been an Anne Arundel County police officer for 30 years and is currently a lieutenant.  He and I have made this county our home.  We have put down our roots and are raising our two sons here.  We are very involved in their schools, the PTA, their activities and our church.  We love this county and have demonstrated our commitment to this county every day of our lives by doing our best to make it a better and safer place.

In order to be appointed, I went through a thorough vetting process.  I am very grateful Governor Hogan and the various groups of lawyers and citizens who evaluated me recognized the skills that I could bring to the bench to serve the citizens of our county and found me to be worthy of this position.  
Since taking the bench, I have fine-tuned my judicial knowledge in all areas of the law – family and civil included.  Every day I take the bench, I use my judicial experience, knowledge of the courtroom, dedication, temperament and compassion to best serve the citizens of this county.

My background brings a balance to the bench that benefits the citizens of this county.  I have the judicial experience that will help guide the courts and citizens through this difficult and unprecedented time. During my career and this campaign process, I have had the opportunity to meet many citizens of our county.  These experiences will make me a better judge because I am aware of the issues facing members of our community.  In addition, I have met many of our community leaders and elected officials, both Democrat and Republican,  who have put politics aside and recognize the benefits of the appointment process and the vast experience I bring to the bench.


  1. Not a good judge at all fake papers anything to convicted regard for true justice at all.

    1. Did you file a complaint. I’m looking into doing the same

  2. she let my physical abusive father who beat my mother, and my siblings have visitation and kicked us out of our house.

  3. Waited a month for a response, that she admitted in court she rushed through reading over THE WEEKEND prior to her final judgement. She ran numbers incorrectly and now I am responsible for paying even more to get everything fixed.


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