Annette DeCesaris: Unlike the other judicial candidates, I am not beholden to any elected officials, special interest groups or organizations

I am Annette DeCesaris and I am running Circuit Court Judge for Anne Arundel County to serve 
you and our community in a meaningful manner and to work toward positive changes in our judicial 
system and in our community. 

I firmly believe that positive changes can, and must, be made in our judicial system. Every 
resident of our beloved County should have access to the judicial system and should be treated with the  highest degree of dignity and respect, and as a Judge for Anne Arundel, I pledge that I will work toward those goals every day. Our judicial system should provide more services to our community including free law clinics in our Courthouses, and as a Judge, I will support such programs and encourage attorneys to volunteer to provide their services. 

Recidivism and jail warehousing can be reduced if our  Courts consider both victims and defendants when making decisions in criminal matters. Considerations  should include providing advocates and emotional support services for victims and alternatives to jail  warehousing such as drug courts, Veterans courts, and community service sentencing for non-violent  offenders. Of course, a Judge’s role, my role, in this effort is to lead by example in the courtroom and in  our community and that is my commitment to you when I become your elected Judge. As a member of  our community and a lawyer, my daily goal is to set a good example for other by being honest, 
respectful and fair to everyone with whom I interact. That is my commitment to you as your elected Judge. 

As your candidate for Judge, I am the best qualified candidate because of my vast and very 
different background and experiences compare to the other judicial candidates. My background and 
experience provide me with the ability to work toward positive changes. I have been practicing law, and  actually litigated over 2,000 cases during my twenty-two year career as a lawyer in Anne Arundel County  and other various local jurisdictions. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I worked in the private industry sector for ten years and, before that, I was a public school teacher for six years for grades 5 through 12. 

During  this time my husband, of 36 years, and I raised two wonderful sons. We have a loving family including our daughter-in-law and three beautiful grandchildren and we all love living in Anne Arundel County. 

My real life experiences include working with many different people from various cultures and 
backgrounds provides me with the ability to listen to problems, demands, opinions and emotions while  treating all people with dignity and respect in order to render impartial and unbiased decisions with due consideration of the facts in conjunction with all applicable laws. As a Judge I will work to make reasonable, legally appropriate and socially responsible decisions in an effort to make positive changes that improve our community. 

Unlike the other judicial candidates, I am not beholden to any elected officials, special interest 
groups or organizations as they are because of their endorsements from other elected officials, special  group and organizations. 

I only want your endorsement, YOUR VOTE. I will only be beholden to you, the voters, who 
make an informed decision based on each candidate’s qualifications, by treating you with the highest  degree of dignity and respect that everyone deserves.

Our Constitution provides that the Governor shall appoint Circuit Court Judges until an election 
can be held during which the people have the right to exercise their judgment and vote for the 
candidate of their choice. Well, the election is now. Mail your ballots, by June 2, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.,
voting for me as your selection for Judge of the Circuit Court. 

Let the People Choose.

To learn more about me, please visit my website at and my 
Facebook page, Annette DeCesaris for Judge – 2020.