"He lights up my life," Video of Dance Off Between School Resource Officer and Special Needs Child Goes Viral

The viral dance off video between a unique duo brought some much needed joy to social media users today, while also highlighting the extraordinary role school resource officers play in the lives of students.  

Amy Ladd of Crofton captured the special moment on her cell phone, as her son Andrew and Corporal Ashley Carpenter danced to "Good Morning Baltimore" from the hit production 'Hairspray.'  The two minute-seventeen second video had 16,000 views and more than 650 shares as of 6:30pm. 

According to Ms. Ladd, she shared the video to show how one small act of kindness can spread so much joy.  

Ms. Ladd says her son Andrew, a 13 year old student at Arundel Middle School has Williams Syndrome, and the widespread closings due to COVID-19 has been a challenge for him.  "People with Williams Syndrome are very social," Ms. Ladd said.  "He really misses Officer Carpenter, and it made him happy to see her and dance with her." 

Corporal Carpenter, a four-year veteran of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, and School Resource Officer currently assigned to Andrew's school says she was happy to learn the video created so much buzz.  "I am glad the video could bring some much needed joy to everyone," Cpl. Carpenter said.  

The officer says she and Andrew have only known each other since September, however bonded almost instantly.  "He lights up my life," she said during an interview with Report Annapolis. 

Andrew's relationship with Cpl. Carpenter has likely attributed to his dream career in law enforcement.  

Since school has been closed, Andrew has been keeping busy with school work, playing family games, bike riding, and of course the occasional dance party with his favorite officer.  

Ms. Ladd did not hesitate to express her appreciation for the difference SROs makes in the lives of children everyday. "They keep the children at school safe and build important relationships between police officers and the community."

To watch the video, click the link below:

Dance Off Video