Annapolis Native Wins Bid for Register of Wills, Becoming the First African American Elected to the Office

A native of Annapolis has won her bid for Register of Wills in Anne Arundel County, making history as the first African-American elected to that office.  

According to a website managed by the Maryland Board of Elections, democrat Erica Griswold received 50.44% of the votes.  The incumbent, republican Lauren Parker received 49.50% of the votes.

Information regarding wills, probate and the registering of wills in Maryland is handled by the Register of Wills office in each jurisdiction, Maryland Courts Online says.  "The Register of Wills serves as the Clerk to the Orphans Court, which has jurisdiction over judicial probate, administration of estates and conduct of personal representatives."

An online profile for Griswold's campaign indicates that Erica, who is best known for her unique voice and talents as a world-class Emcee, was born into a family entrenched in public service. "She often reflects on the lived experience with her mother, Angela "Jelly" Langston, a Holistic Educator and Health Provider, and grandmother Rosalie "Ms. Sissy" Mitchell; a respected and staple community leader in her day, whom the Eastport Community Center is affectionately named in her honor."  The profile said Griswold's mission is to ensure the concerns of the community are being heard and their needs are being met with resources that are equitably distributed.