Gun Found Inside School Employee's Bag at Glen Burnie High Prompted Lockdown

Glen Burnie High School was placed on lockdown last week after a handgun was found inside an employee's backpack. 

In a letter to families dated October 6, 2023, Principal Kevin Carr said that the school was placed on lockdown just after 2:10 p.m on Friday when a handgun was located in a classroom. 
"The incident began when a backpack was found left behind in a classroom as classes dismissed from third period and students were moving to fourth period," Carr said. "A staff member in the classroom picked up the backpack to determine the identity of its owner, and discovered a handgun in the backpack when they 
opened it."

According to the letter, the school was immediately placed on lockdown, the backpack was given to police, and the substitute 
teacher was subsequently removed from another classroom. "He did not have the backpack in his 
possession when he was removed from that classroom, and as the incident was being investigated, students were held in classrooms and there was no movement in the hallways."

Principal Carr stated in the letter that within several minutes, it was determined that the backpack belonged to a substitute teacher. That unidentified person was detained by police. 

The employee has been barred from serving as a substitute teacher or acting in any other role at Glen Burnie High or any other school in the district.  

It is unclear about what, if any charges, were filed against the individual.