"This was a hate crime!" Family of Severn Man Killed Believes Annapolis Mass Shooting was Racially Motivated

The recent mass shooting in Annapolis that left three men dead and three other men injured was a hate crime, a family member for one of the men said.  

Christian Marlon Segovia, 25, of Severn, was murdered alongside his friend and friend's father at a birthday party in Annapolis on June 11 2023, according to online fundraiser created in honor of Segovia. "His six year old son and four year old nephew were at the party with him. This was a hate crime," the organizer wrote.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that authorities are working with the FBI in order to determine if this shooting should be considered a hate crime. In a statement to Report Annapolis News, a FBI spokesperson said the federal agency is "assisting" the Annapolis Police Department. "Of course we will follow wherever an investigation leads, but per policy we wouldn't comment on ongoing investigations," the spokesperson said.  

"They are trying to determine the motive, whatever it may be," said Annapolis Police PIO Shepard Bennett.  If the FBI does decide a hate crime was committed, the matter will become a federal case, Mr. Bennett stated.  "We wait and see."

On June 11, 2023, at approximately 7:57pm., the Annapolis Police Department was dispatched to a residence in the 1000 block of Paddington Place following reports of a shooting, according to the documents obtained by Report Annapolis News.   Authorities said that upon arrival, police officers located six shooting victims, three of whom were already declared deceased on the scene.  The bodies were in the yard that connected a neighboring residence and the home of the suspect, the documents say.  

The suspect, Charles Robert Smith, was reportedly found at the front door of his home with his hands up, surrendering to police.  Mr. Smith made statements indicating that he shot the people because they shot at his house.  He was taken into custody there on the scene. 

Three surviving victims, a 29-year-old female who sustained an apparent gunshot wound to her ankle, a 28-year-old male who sustained an apparent gunshot wound to his arm, and a 26-year-old female who was shot once in the leg and once in the back, were transported to area hospitals for treatment of their injuries. 

The preliminary investigation determined that one of the deceased victims, Mario Mireles (shown below), who lived just a few doors down from the suspect, was having a large party, and many cars were parking on the street.  Nearly 15 minutes before shots were fired, Mr. Smith’s mother made a parking enforcement complaint, stating that one of those vehicles were blocking the driveway to their home.  According to statements made by witnesses on the scene and surviving victims, Mario Mireles went next door to discuss the parking issue.  He argued with Mr. Smith’s mother before Mr. Smith returned home and confronted Mario.  The argument between Mr. Smith and Mr. Mireles escalated and Mr. Smith displayed a gun.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Mireles tussled over the gun before Mr. Smith shot Mr. Mireles and one of the three surviving victims.

Investigators allege that Mr. Smith then stood over top of Mr. Mireless and shot him several more times. 

"While witnesses on the scene were attempting to render aid to Mario Mireles, Mr. Smith retreated into his home and began to fire out of the window with a rifle at them.  While shooting from inside of the residence, Mario Mireles’ father, Nicholas Mireles, was also shot and killed," the documents say.  "Three other witnesses to the shooting were also shot, one later becoming the third victim to die on the scene. "

Christian Segovia was later identified as the third person killed during the incident. 

Smith has been charged with multiple crimes, including 3 counts of second degree murder and 3 counts of attempted second degree murder. 

In a statement to Report Annapolis, Attorney Mark Howe, the defense lawyer representing Mr. Smith, confirmed that his client is being held at the Jennifer Road Detention without bond.  "I am currently representing the Defendant, Charles Robert Smith, in the shooting matter filed against him here in Anne Arundel County," wrote Mr. Howe.  "I appeared in court today on behalf of Mr. Smith for a bail review and the judge denied our request to set an amount of bail."
***Any suspects/arrested/charged individuals and persons of interest named in the articles are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.***


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