Video Goes Viral After Parent Alleges Child Received Inappropriate Text Messages From Crofton Middle School Employee

A social media video has gone viral after a parent has alleged that his child received inappropiate text messages from an employee at Crofton Middle School.  

"If you have a child at Crofton Middle School, let me warn you, your kid is not safe," Ty Clay said in the video. "I was going through my child's phone, and I see weird text messages from a teacher."

In the video, Clay said the messages were reported, which resulted in the teacher being suspended without pay.  "Not only is this woman keeping her job, but they want my child to have a meeting with that teacher, that predator. They are doing nothing about it."

In a subsequent video, Clay said since posting his video, other parents have reached out and shared with him similar concerns about Crofton Middle and other county schools, including sexual misconduct, grooming and bullying.  "All swept under the rug," Clay alleged. 

The two videos, under the tiktok account tyclaycomedy, combined have been viewed more than 400,000 times, as of noon on Monday, April 25, 2023.  

A police department spokesperson said the agency was aware of the videos, but was not able to confirm whether or not there was an active investigation into the allegations made by the parent. 

The school system released the following statement:

"Our school system is aware of the situation described in the video posted on TikTok. Because it is a personnel matter, we cannot comment on the specifics of the case. Outcomes of any employee investigations, as well as specifics of those investigations, are also personnel matters. I also can’t speak to where the person in the video got the information regarding any consequence for the employee he used in the video, but AACPS did not supply it.  

What I can tell you is that, understanding the seriousness of the situation, the school discussed the issue with the student’s family immediately, including additional supports for the student, and then contacted Central Office for further guidance. The matter was sent to employee investigations to address.

This case is still open and our school system continues to address it in a manner consistent with our policies and protocols." - Bob Mosier, Chief Communications Officer, AACPS

***Any suspects/arrested/charged individuals and persons of interest named in the articles are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.***