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Annapolis Mass Shooting Victims Remembered During Rally One Year After Tragic Deaths

The three men who were killed during a mass shooting in Annapolis last year were remembered by their loved ones yesterday.

The families of Mario Alfredo Mireles Ruiz, 27, Christian Marlon Segovia, 24, and Nicolas
Mireles, 55, gathered at Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis for a memorial walk
and vigil on the one-year-anniversary of their deaths.

“We invited the public to join us and remember our loved ones,” said Nelcy Ramirez, a family

After brief remarks, the families walked from State Circle to the Annapolis City Dock for the ceremony. 

 Mario Antonio Mireles Ruiz, Christian Marlon Segovia and Nicolas Mireles were shot to death on the night of June 11, 2023 by a neighbor. As the families await his trial on murder and hate
crime charges, they hope the community will remember the terrible consequences of gun
violence to both those who knew and loved the men.

The alleged gunman now faces hate crime charges after being indicted by an Anne Arundel County grand jury. 

Charles Robert Smith was reportedly found at the front door of his home with his hands up, surrendering, as officers rushed to a residence in the 1000 block of Paddington Place following reports of a shooting on the evening of June 11, 2023, according to the documents obtained by Report Annapolis News. Smith was reportedly taken into custody at the scene.  More than a month later, Smith has now been accused of committing hate crimes when he killed three people and injured three others during the shooting. 

According to online court records, Smith has been indicted on more than 40 crimes, including 3 felony hate crime charges and 3 counts of first degree murder. Smith remains held without bond at the Jennifer Road Detention Center. 

The preliminary investigation determined that one of the deceased victims, Mario Mireles, who lived just a few doors down from the suspect, was having a large party, and many cars were parking on the street.  Nearly 15 minutes before shots were fired, Mr. Smith’s mother made a parking enforcement complaint, stating that one of those vehicles were blocking the driveway to their home.  

According to statements made by witnesses on the scene and surviving victims, Mario Mireles went next door to discuss the parking issue.  He argued with Mr. Smith’s mother before Mr. Smith returned home and confronted Mario.  The argument between Mr. Smith and Mr. Mireles escalated and Mr. Smith displayed a gun.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Mireles tussled over the gun before Mr. Smith shot Mr. Mireles and one of the three surviving victims. 

Investigators allege that Mr. Smith then stood over top of Mr. Mireles and shot him several more times. 

"While witnesses on the scene were attempting to render aid to Mario Mireles, Mr. Smith retreated into his home and began to fire out of the window with a rifle at them.  While shooting from inside of the residence, Mario Mireles’ father, Nicholas Mireles, was also shot and killed," the documents say.  "Three other witnesses to the shooting were also shot, one later becoming the third victim to die on the scene. "

Christian Marlon Segovia, 25, of Severn, was identified as the third person killed during the incident. 

There was no evidence on the scene that would suggest any of the victims were armed at any time, court documents indicate. 

According to an online tribute, Mario Mireles, 27, and Nicolas Mireles, 55, were amazing dads, always willing to help, they always brightened up the room.  "Mario leaves behind a pregnant wife and 3 beautiful children.  Nicolas Mireles leaves behind a wife, 10 children and grandchildren. We are deeply saddened and hurt about this," the tribute said.  "They were brutally murdered over a parking spot while we were celebrating Mario’s brother's birthday."

According to an obituary, Mario Mireles was an entrepreneur, business man, and leader. "He started his mobile detailing business four years ago. He wanted to provide a better future for his family. His company wasn’t just an everyday job; he truly enjoyed what he did," the obituary said. 

An online profile said Nicolas Mireles leaves behind a wife, 10 children and grandchildren.  "As a teacher at Odenton Elementary School, I had the pleasure of spending time talking to Mr. Mireles on multiple occasions. He was always kind and supportive of our work with his children," one of the messages said. "As busy as he was as a business owner, he made time for parent conferences and school events. It was evident in his words and actions that being a good father and supporting his children’s success meant everything to him. "

A public visitation was held for Mario and Nicolas on Thursday, June 22, 2023 at Maryland Hall in Annapolis.  

Christian “Chele” Segovia grew up in a loving and proudly Peruvian-Salvadoran household that was always surrounded by family and friends, according to an obituary.  "His spirit was one of a kind and truly unmatched. He knew his worth and never had to prove to anyone what his value was."

An online fundraiser was created in honor of Mr. Segovia. "This was a hate crime," the organizer wrote.

A trial is scheduled to start on February 7, 2025. 

***Any suspects/arrested/charged individuals and persons of interest named in the articles are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.***